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Why FIBCs?
10 reasons to use them:

1. Significantly improve labor efficiency, speed filling and discharge of product and different top and bottom configurations provide the opportunity to fit a bag to any equipment design or application.
2. Eliminate the need to handle and dispose of 50 to 100 pound individual bags
3. Depending on the application, bulk bags can be reused / recycled by the customer, further increasing the return on the customers investment in the bag.
4. Reduce wood pallet and drum usage.
5. Mitigates inhalation issues since the discharge of product is done with little to no dust or air contamination.
6. Save storage space since they are collapsible and easy to handle.
7. Represent one of the least expensive means of packaging and transporting bulk products.
8. Reduce the cost per unit (bag + commodity) because bulk bags can be recycled, depending on the application.
9. Protect products (poly fabric is UV resistant) and ensures safe storage and shipping. Bulk bags also provide better security than multi-wall bags, corrugated or most other rigid containers. Special, low-cost, bulk bag covers can be designed per the customer’s request (and separately priced).
10. Bulk bags reduce the need for special handling equipment as a general-purpose forklift handles the lifting and movement of the bag.
FIBC's use
The following is a listing of some of the industries wich tipically use bulk bags. The common denominator is that there is a dry, flowable product
Crushed stone, sand, gravel, cement
Food (sugar, salt, flour, dextrose, starch, food additives)
Plastics (resin, pellets etc.)
Absorbent polymer
Ferro alloys
Refractories (abrasive grit, ceramics, clays, lime, powdered metals, shot)
Carbon black
Agriculture (seed, grain, popcorn, beans)
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